Eric (posibolt) wrote in casa_de_sausage,

Phone and Cable

Last month of Phone and Cable bill is due, total comes to 88.74. That's 53.75 for the phone, and 34.99 for the internet. Split it however you want, I need the total ammount as soon as possible. Please post to let me know when the best time to get this money to me would be, arrangements can be made to pick it up. If you can pay me for the bill instead of currently deducting the ammount from whatever I may owe, it would really make getting the bill paid easier, as I currently do not have the money to take care of the extra bill myself as of now. I have every intention of taking care of my own debts once I start getting paid, which should be by the end of next week. I don't know if I can pay off everything in full right off the bat, but I will make an effort to begin reducing my debts at that time.
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Michelle and I won't be paying any of this, and would ask that you take our third off of what you owe us, minus 22 for the electric bill that arrived in December (which was not part of the total we agreed on before, but is something that you are responsible for, as it is for November).
So that comes out to be around 7 dollars.
You don't seem to understand what I was saying. I cannot pay bills with money I don't have. I don't have money, therefore the bill cannot be paid. Therefore, you, the collective remaining people of the Casa_De_Sausage, must acquire the money due for services rendered. I've got to cover the bills for the services I have used at my own appartment, I cannot afford to cover both and ask questions and/or cancel debts out later when it's convenient for everyone else.

My own debts will be settled when I get paid, at least in part, upon the end of this coming week. One week. Seven days. I've stated this both in this post, and a recent post in reply to Skippy's questions about the gas and electric. This month's phone/cable is the casa_de_sausage's bill, not mine. Please don't assume I can and will cover your expenses out of money I don't have due to my own debt... i've already stated when I will be repaying my debt to you, and cancelling out bills is no different than asking me to pay you back part of the debt I owe now, when you already know I don't have the money....which is why we arranged for me to pay you come the beginning of February in the first place.

Not trying to be rude, that's just how it goes. Is there a time that would be good for you guys that I can come and collect? If you're not available, we can probably arrange something. Just let me know when you get a chance.
I do understand.
But I've had to pay your part of the electic bill without repayment, and I don't see this as much different. That was you using a service and not paying for it.
In addition, my wife and I have our own expenses, both from this place and from our new home. And while I can understand that it may not be fair for you to have to pay the cable and phone bill for a home you no longer live in because you have bills at your new home, it's also not fair that while you were living in this home you did not pay your bills.
I'm also not trying to be rude, or start any kind of a fight, but that's how it is. The arrangement for payment in Febuary is fine for the items you've taken. However, my wife and I will not have any money for you regarding this bill. After all, part of that sum is past months of the electric bill that you did not settle the difference on.
Alright, fair enough, I can understand that. Can you please talk to the other residents of the Casa to at least try to secure the other portions of the bill?
Skippy already knows, but I'll mention it to Al already.

Did Walter pay part of this already?
If memory serves me correct, I've already paid this.
Bitch I don't have enough money to buy fried chicken!

Seriously, I have zero money so this bill will probably have to be late (like the Gas Bill).