That squirrel guy (squirrel_rapist) wrote in casa_de_sausage,
That squirrel guy

Ending the Casa


Since the kitchen has been all but ignored, and the part of Al's room that we used for storage is about the same, the Casa is still dirty.
Michelle and I, and Al, are going to make an attempt to clean it (which has been limited up to now due to lack of assistance on public areas and the fact that the public dumpsters are full), which means that we will be a day over on the lease. This is coming out of the deposit. Being that it is needed for cleaning, it is not something that Michelle or I will be paying for in it's enterity, but expect to be spread amoung those who put in for the deposit.

Also, the refridgerator is disgusting. If you have anything in that, come throw it away.

And Eric and Walt, we have our new phone now, and are mostly moved in, so we need to come to some kind of payment plan for the money that is owed.
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