Skippy (theskippy) wrote in casa_de_sausage,

Bills and Apartment Update

I contacted the Knolls, apparently no forwarding address was provided to them. They said after they took the deposit out, the total bill came to $333.00. If we don't pay by tomorrow morning it goes to a debt collection agency. If we split it 5 ways between everyone it would be $66.60.

The gas bill is still due, haven't got the one with the late fees on it but as long as it's under a few dollars it doesn't matter to me. Here's what it was last time before any late fees:

Walt, owes $61.52

Mike or Michelle, can you find out how much the electric bill is for Jan., or whatever, you can call them or I can (which I probally will eventually if you guys don't) there number is 314.342.1111

I thought we were suppose to Shadowrun, I guess you guys don't like me anymore.

Al, I know you don't have a job, but you can always sell non-essential things.

Walt, what's the deal on this.
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