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Rent is comprised as follows

Walter: $250 + $30(money borrowed earlier from alpheus) = $280
Skippy: $235(collected)
M&M: $225(collected)
Alpheus: $70 -$30(paid by walter) = $40(not collected)

Appologies for not coming home last night to get all of this straight. Long story short, the rent total is short(280+235+(225(2))+40 = 1005)

Based on the figure, we're 20 short of the normal amount. It looks like Eric and M&M's rent has not been forecast correctly, perhaps your normal rate was 235 as opposed to 225. if this is not correct, then please let me know otherwise, if it is, then would the two aforementioned parties please remit an additional $10 for rent. This is a PSA baby, so come correct =P. Rent is not paid until all have been accounted for. I will be out and about this afternoon, but feel free to call. (636)675-2602
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