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Electric for November.

Due to newfound apathy and lack of time to do anything, I haven't gotten to put up the electric bill until now.

It's late by the 21st, which is a Monday, which really means it's late after Friday.
That as it is, we're going to pay it now, and not wait for everyone to pay us back.

Total = $83.55
You owe = $16.71

And Eric still owes from last month. That was $30.60.
Edit $30.60 is not including the reduction from the part of the bills you paid and simply take my part out of. That number, however, isn't on here (the last post of how much it is is back in September). So it's $30.60 minus whatever you paid on my behalf for phone and cable.
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I'll pull after work tonight.
Paying Friday.
Paid. You owe me $2.03